A few things

Books + feminism = irresistible .

mk has a thoughtful, succinct post on how to be an ally up at Little Lambs Eat Ivy.

I haven't become a twitter-er (twitterite?) yet, but see the writing on the wall, so enjoyed reading this beginners guide to twitter via feministing.

Feministing launches a new weekly sex advice column. First installment here.

Found this slightly chaotic, but thoughtful post on the use of the word "privilege" as a personal slur today and thought it was worth a read. (It references some recent feminist blog drama that I have purposefuly not been following -- not enough time or emotional energy -- but I think makes sense without the background.) Via, which provides links to said background, which in turn was found via.

New favorite web comic.

After I complained that my rss feeds all favored the informative over the entertaining, Hanna provided me with "true internet fluff" in the form of a dr. who locations guide.

She also directed me to this follow up on the story about teenagers arrested for creating "porn" by sharing naked pictures with their significant others.

And in honor of my birthday month (happy March everyone!) here's a lolcat that I think bears a striking resemblance to a few of my earliest baby pictures (sorry, they aren't digitized, so I can't provide visual verification).