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So it's clearly that time of year when substantive posts are by and large beyond me. But enjoy the fluff and piffle while it lasts, and look forward to more commentary in May.

Meanwhile, I'm off to WAM!2009 tomorrow over at MIT. Enjoyed volunteeering last year; this year signed up just as an attendee. Looking forward especially to hearing one of my feminist crushes, Julia Serano, participate in one of the panel sessions. Will report back next week.

Meanwhile, here are a few links of note from the past week.

NPR reported on the Quiverfull movement, and I'm not sure how I feel about the fact that the two quiverfull families showcased are from West Michigan. Ah, my home state. Land of radical extremes.

Have recently discovered, and have been enjoying, Greta Christina's contributions to the Blowfish Blog. For example, her recent post on what's wrong with the phrase "good in bed."

Betsy Hartmann over at Alternet calls out Chris Hedges for "overpopulation hysteria" and points out the dangers of attempting to legislate against population growth -- namely, repressive policies that curtail women's ability to control their own bodies and reproductive choices.

My blog was mentioned on Women's Health News!

John Stewart makes fun of the Pope's view of condoms. As my sister observed on twitter: "CNN: 'Pope wrong on condoms' hopefully not the expiration date." To which my mother replied: "or . . . what? . . . Pope baby!"

Yes Means Yes reports on the ACLU's involvement in cases where teenagers have been accused of "child pornography" for taking and sharing naked photographs with their significant others.

Via Hanna (because what link list would be complete without one?), the London Review of Books on my stupid vampire.

She also has some lovely new photos up; for those of you who miss my albums check hers out. Beautiful work.

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