cats with new tricks [photos]

We've been chilling at home a lot the past two weeks, even more than usual, due to Hanna's convalescence (she's on the mend, but under strict instruction to keep on resting through the weekend).

The cats are delighted. Also worried. Worrlighted?

Gerry has decided, around the third anniversary of her joining our family, to become an intensely human-centric companion. As I type this, she is hunkered down between me and Hanna on the bed.

Teazle, on the other hand, has gone the opposite route: instead of crowding closer, she's taken the opportunity to get up to no good. She's like her own walking, talking marauder's map.

This is her latest trick. She's been trying for months to figure out how to scale the drying rack, and just this week mastered the act. 

She's so proud.

Here it is in video form:

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