springtime in Boston, 2013 [photo post]

Last Sunday I took the camera with me when I set out to meet friends for lunch. Here is the T arriving at our local (above ground) subway station.

I met friends for lunch at a new food truck on the Rose Kennedy Greenway in the North End, the park system that replaces what used to be an elevated freeway slicing through central Boston (what the infamous "Big Dig" project took underground).

Clover Food Lab is one of our favorite restaurants in the Boston area, and they operate almost entirely out of a network of food trucks spread out across Boston and Cambridge. Their menu has a few staples (chickpea fritter sandwich ahoy!) but changes daily and seasonally as ingredient availability demands. On Sunday I had rosemary french fries and lavender lemonade.

On the way home from my lunch date, I walked up through the Boston Common and the Boston Public Gardens. People were out everywhere sunbathing and enjoying one another's company. I'm not sure where the artist working on this painting had gone off to, but I got a nice shot of their work looking toward the pond!

Those of you familiar with Make Way For Ducklings will recognize the swan boats in the background -- to the right under the willow tree branches you can see the island where the ducklings in question were born!

I never thought I'd be That Tourist Taking Pictures Of Tulips, but this bed of blooms made me (almost) miss Tulip Time in my hometown of Holland, Michigan, which begins today!

Our neighbors up the way have a lovely garden we walk by every morning on the way to work.

And the blooms in our neighborhood park are particularly stunning this year.

I hope you all have a restful weekend with wonderful weather, wherever you are.

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