from the neighborhood: "sunshine and delightful"!

A couple of weeks ago, I bought a rose for Hanna from a woman who sells flowers along the street between work and the T station.

I stopped at the soon-to-be-closing City Housewares store to pick up a jar to keep it in. The clerk I always chat with, when I shop there, suggested that I'd better be ready to tell my wife what I wanted for supper when I brought it home.

Hanna's actual first response was, "Are you breaking up with me?!"

I think we had pasta salad for supper. 'Twas very tasty.

The cats were unimpressed (although Teazle later discovered a taste for rose leaves and we had to move the flower to higher ground).

They have been busy enjoying the spring weather, which Accuweather recently informed us was "Sunshine and delightful."

The cats are making the most out of the "kitty shelf" we constructed from pillows and blankets along the back of the couch.

Although sometimes Teazle loses track of her back end...

We have a friend in town this weekend, so expect light posting for the next ten days or so -- I promise I'll be back on board with The Future of Marriage in due course, and likely more cat photos.

Because I've become the crazy lesbian cat lady who will haunt your Internet for evermore ...

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