friday morning cats ... and birthday gifts! [photo post]

I started the week out with a photo post, so I thought I'd round the week out with one as well.

Gerry and Teazle have taken to our new couch set-up with alacrity.

We put a long pillow and blanket along the back of the couch / window sill and they snooze there all the time in the sun (when not stalking birds through the glass!).

Teazle's latest trick is to scale the scratching post and balance there; on Wednesday she became all entranced by a nature special on PBS featuring wolves ... perhaps she is a were-cat?

As you know, it was my 32nd birthday at the end of March, and I am still celebrating as sweet gifts arrive. Look! I have TARDIS socks!

... and my first-ever pair of Doc Martens! (thanks Grandma!)

And from Austin, Texas, a beautiful pair of ceramic earrings from my sister:

Spring is here, and yesterday's warm weather prompted the dogwoods outside our apartment building to hint at blooms ...

I with you all a restorative weekend, wherever you may be.

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