BREAKING: new zealand lawmakers burst into song upon enacting marriage equality

(thanks to Hanna for the link!)

 On Wednesday, local time, the New Zealand House of Commons Representatives passed a bill allowing same-sex marriage (they have had civil unions for same-sex couples since 2005).

Upon declaration of the passage of the bill, the chamber burst into song. Here is a video, which I think is adorable and absolutely made my day.

Congratulations New Zealanders of all sexual identities and relationship types!

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  1. Minor niggle -- House of Representatives, not Commons. But yes, I'm proud of my country today.

    1. Fixed! Thank you :) ... I went with the Canadian headline, which apparently got it wrong?

  2. In case you aren't aware, the song is a Maori love song that I suspect everybody in NZ knows: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pokarekare_Ana
    And yes, watching that still makes me cry.

    1. Thanks for the link! I did hear it was a love song, but didn't realize it was such a widely-known piece (although, duh, since everyone in the room seemed to know the tune and lyrics!)