from the neighborhood: sledding & sunshine [blizzard of 2013]

It's sunny this morning in Boston, a brief respite before tomorrow's predicted rain. Teazle is excitedly (and vocally) watching birds fluffed along the branches of the trees outside, and Hanna and I are sitting on the couch reading and writing and listening to the BBC classical music stream while watching cars get stuck in the snowdrifts on our corner.

Yesterday, the hill outside our living room window was turned into a sledding hill until the travel ban was lifted at 4pm.

And a couple of still photos by Hanna ... 

This morning, the sun was out but the snow remains.

Some streets are clear, but the sidewalks are piled high with snow that has nowhere else to go.

Gerry and Teazle are finding all of the excitement outside quite entertaining as "kitty TV."

Stay warm, everyone, and wish us luck as we slog to work in the rain tomorrow!

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