the headlines through fan goggles

Here's a bit of absolute fluffy fluff for your Friday afternoon ...

In my circle of fannish friends we've been struck lately by the humorous and occasionally horrifying effects of going through your media-consuming life with fan and/or slash goggles welded to your face.

For example:
text: Guardian headline reading, "Branson starts talks with Universal Music on Virgin Records deal"
This is, sadly, not a story about the Downton Abbey chauffeur switching to a career in music.

And this headline ...
text: Guardian headline reading, "Hathaway deserves Catwoman spin-off, says Nolan
... disappointed me mightily last weekend because when I first glanced at it, I thought someone was suggesting there be some sort of Inspector Lewis/Avengers crossover. And then I was like OH ANNE HATHAWAY. RIGHT.

text: email from Fab.com with subject heading, "Vintage Eames Splint, Brownie Box Cameras ..."
Hanna saw this one in her inbox last week and said for a second she was hoping for a bit of Arthur/Eames fanfiction involving Eames' arm or leg in a splint.

Sometimes, the confusion is slightly more awkward and/or embarrassing, such as in these two stories:
text: NPR headline reading, "WHO Says Virus Caused Illnesses in Cambodia"
For a minute I was baffled as to why the latest season of Doctor Who involved Eleven saving the day in Cambodia ... not that I would mind, but it would have been a significant shift from its Euro-centric plotlines!

text: Nerdy Feminist blog post titled "The 'Tosh Sucks' Roundup"
And because I had no idea who Daniel Tosh was before the recent dust-up, I was saddened by the thought that somewhere, a bunch of people cared enough about hating Toshiko Sato that they were writing multiple blog posts about it. Thankfully -- wrong Tosh!

Sometimes, when the real news gets you down, you find yourself wishing the fan-goggle versions were for true! Because of reasons.

Thank goodness it's Friday, everyone, and I hope you have some rest & relaxation time ahead of you.

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