from the neighborhood: are you tired of teazle yet? (thought not)

I thought I was going to get a review of Confronting Postmaternal Thinking: Feminism, Memory, and Care out to y'all today, but that clearly didn't happen. So instead, here are some kitten and cat pictures and videos.

Teazle likes to play under hanging cloth (sheets, couch cover, curtains, our skirts ... ) and occasionally gets confuzzled as happened in this video when she tried to leap up onto the couch and found herself under the couch cover instead of on top of it.

plus, she sometimes loses track of her limbs
we've discovered birds in the trees outside ... 
... and Geraldine has simply given up trying to manage the wee one!
And finally, the video was too large to upload in Blogger, but you can check out the epic struggle of a kitten who sought to reclaim a catnip ball from the bottom of a glass bowl by following the link. I promise it's worth it (if watching kittens be silly is your sort of thing on a Thursday afternoon!)

Stay tuned for more fun this weekend and (hopefully!) a book review or two next week. Until then, you can check out my thoughts on Transitions of the Heart: Stories of Love, Struggle, and Acceptance by Mothers of Transgender and Gender Variant Children (Cleis Press, 2012) over at the corner of your eye.

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