from the neighborhood: gratuitous cat photos

I was going to post another installment of The Act of Marriage live-blog series today, but I'm on the upswing from an epic two-day migraine and blogging didn't happen. So instead, have some pictures of Geraldine!

she's just discovered the back of the couch as a perch
and likes to keep an eye on us while we're working (also steal sunshine)*
then there's the shameless flirting with guests ... 
can I haz TARDIS?
meditating cat is meditating

*Usually "keeping an eye on" translates to "sitting on the keyboard and/or page of the book the human is reading" ... so in the grand scheme of things, a little hip-cuddling is very polite behavior!

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  1. My cat loves sitting on the back of the couch, and ends up pushing the cushion down... needs to be de-furred and re-plumped frequently. Next couch will not be black with a grey and cream cat in the house.