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Blackthorn Fairy*
Here's what I've been "writing elsewhere" since the 5th of February. Yep. It's really been that long!

At the corner of your eye:
  • I wrote a joint review of In Search of Gay America (1989) and Art and Sex in Greenwich Village (2007).
  • I reviewed Seanan McGuire's new Discount Armageddon (2012). 
  • I shared a list of books read, not yet reviewed (sensing a theme at all?).
  • I posted the second episode of Ivor the Engine (1958), a children's television show from England. Oliver Postgate wins the things.
  • I reviewed six books at once in a pre-vacation round-up on subjects ranging from last year's best sex writing to the nature of identity in the twenty-first century.
  • I shared a list of ten books purchased but not yet read (randomly chosen from the many titles on our shelves!).
  • I reviewed The Hound of Conscience (1981), a history of English conscientious objectors of the First World War.
  • Also Bachelors and Bunnies (2011), a history of gender relations as articulated in the pages of Playboy through the 1970s.
At The Pursuit of Harpyness (excluding cross-posts):
Hope y'all are enjoying a long and fruitful spring. Can't believe we're heading back into baseball season already here in Boston ... that time of year when you have to calculate the options for your commute home based on the relative number of Red Sox fans crawling around the neighborhood!

*Before you ask, yes. I was completely besotted with Cicely Mary Barker's flower fairies as a wee one. In my defenseI think I assumed they all behaved a bit like Tiki from The Fairy Rebel.

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