from the neighborhood: baby pictures

It was my birthday last friday, and my parents sent me some fun artifacts from my infancy:

The summer after I was born, my parents took me to visit my great-grandmother Margery. She was in her nineties when this picture was taken; my mom is the one in the red sun-dress. I'm obviously the one looking really bored by the visit.

My mother notes below this photograph that I was ten or eleven pounds at this point (about the size of a large house cat). Since I was born about five weeks before my anticipated due date at about five pounds in size, this is double my birth weight. Since I had trouble nursing and keeping food down in the first few months, I bet my parents were pleased I'd started to grow at a healthy pace!

Although my early and precipitous birth meant my mother was admitted to the hospital, my parents had planned for a home birth. This is the map that my dad drew for the attending midwives so that they would be able to find our house without getting lost when the time came.

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  1. Maybe it's just the calligraphy, but I feel like your dad might have based his map on one of Tolkien's. :D