nano update: week three

I'm closing in on my own personal goal of 25,000 words for the month of November, folks! On this Tuesday before Thanksgiving, my official count is 18,444 and the only thing standing between me and completion is the complete sixth season of Doctor Who (I KNOW) and a Tofurky with orange-cranberry relish.

I had Hanna beta the impromptu Breakfast in Bed Challenge from last week and posted that to AO3 on Friday night, so you can go read All That the Garish Week Hath Scattered Wide if you want canoodling and nakedness and a pesky cat.

The five-times-plus-one fic is done but for the second half of the sixth part, which Hanna said on the walk to work yesterday was much to complicated a math problem for early in the morning. With the NaNo word-count whip behind me, it's by far the lengthiest installment of my Sybil/Gwen series to-date. But I also happen to be rather fond of it, and the plottish bit finally, finally gets them to London which is definitely where I wanted the series to take them.

Hanna has requested that I create Branson a boyfriend, since I've taken Sybil away from him. So that will obviously have to be done at some point. My first foray into m/m erotica? We'll find out the limits of my smut-writing abilities!

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