nano update: week one

The NaNo site doesn't have word count widgets this year, so I resorted to a screenshot this morning. I'm actually further along than I thought I'd be at this point -- so yay?

I've been working on two new installments of my How She Loved You series (posted at AO3), which is Sybil Crawley/Gwen fan fiction series building loosely on the events from season one of Downton Abbey and, you know, inventing liberally thereafter. I'm currently about 5K and three sections into a 5+1 fic ("Five times Sybil and Gwen parted before dawn and the first time they didn't have to"), a piece about Sybil painting Gwen's portrait, and a longish plottish piece filling in Gwen's back story (complete with Tragic First Love).

Hanna, as usual, has demanded there be orgasms at regular intervals for both main characters, so for those of you yearning after femslash rest assured that this is Porn With Plot and/or Plot With Porn on an installment-by-installment basis.

Any of you participating in National Novel Writing Month? How'd the first week go for y'all this year?


  1. I'm doin' pretty good with NaNo so far (although today I'm pretty distracted from the writing...) keeping the daily average at about 1667 words. I'm afraid to fall behind, because I'm afraid I will not catch up again! Yay for fiction writing!

  2. Well, of course there have to be orgasms! Come to think of it, that may be what my piece so far is sadly missing...