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In the midst of Hurricane Irene this week, Hanna and I not only managed a trip to visit friends in Providence, RI, but also built some shelving for the bedroom in order to better organize books and clothes ... the dressers we'd saved from the apartment building trash (yes, we have been known to dumpster dive) and the wine crates from the store up the street just weren't cutting it any longer. The downside, of course, is that we had to spend yesterday evening constructing a 9' x 7.5'x 1' shelving unit in our tiny apartment. In tropical humidity.

Ah, the price of literacy.

First, we had to clear a space for the new shelves.
(If only we could keep the wall empty! So restful.)
We moved one of the old bookcases into the closet to hold VHS tapes
and periodicals. Play spot the cat for extra points!
There were 72 bolts to tighten. Ouch!
Gerry supervised from her perch on the piles of books.
By 10pm we had the whole thing constructed and
called it quits for the night.
Here are the shelves mostly filled (the wine crates remained ... but our
clothes are finally not buried at the back of the closet!)
The cat's supervisory responsibilities exhausted her.
And now we have space for more books!
This time we've actually interfiled our books for subject continuity!
This bookcase indicates the relationship is serious folks.
And now as I type this, Hanna is making us Tassajara whole wheat millet bread which is one of my new favorite treats! I promise a recipe one of these days. We plan to enjoy it with Magic Hat Hex and matzo-vegetable soup.

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