monday links: back to boston edition

As this posts, I'm somewhere in the air between Michigan and Massachusetts, retracing the route I took last week to visit family and friends. Even though I was vacation, I didn't entirely tune out the blogosphere. A few things that made it into my Google Reader "share" queue:

The gals at Pursuit of Harpyness point out the importance of the Oxford comma. Are conservative Christians really arguing that "the exclusivity of Christianity as a path to salvation and homosexuality"? Somehow, I think not :)!

However, I don't think any grammatical errors are responsible for the misinformation about c-sections and (on a lighter note) Halloween candy being bandied about the media; as Stephen Colbert points out, gay marriage appears to be levying a "terrible toll on fact-checking."

Urban Prankster shares a photograph of a living sculpture project that just makes me imagine lots of blood pooling in lots of heads.

Speaking of heads, here's a short and helpful college library instructional video on how to print documents at the library while avoiding the zombie horde.

Via Skepchick comes Wondermark's handy guide to supernatural collective nouns.

My friend Rachel passed on this list of 10 Reasons Why the Quiddich World Cup is the Best College Sporting Event from the Mental Floss blog.

Hope you all had a good Halloween weekend (with lots of appropriately-cursed candy, of course)

*webcomic by xkcd.

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