"ghost sex" and other goodies: a links list

Not so much commentary on this rainy Saturday links list, but some good stories for those who need procrastination fodder!

Ghost Sex by Chris Blohm @ Skepchick (thoughtful and amusing both)

Bats Have Creative Sex Lives, by Jennifer Viegas @ Discovery News (warning: there is a photograph)

Jeff @ Alas, a Blog, tells us why he's defending Carrie Prejean in the wake of a sex scandal (I didn't know anything about this before I read his post: this proves I don't read enough celebrity blogs)

Whose Team Is It, Anyway?, is the latest of Katha Pollitt's Subject to Debate column @ The Nation which along with Kate Michelman and Frances Kissling's Trading Women's Rights for Political Power are the two pieces I managed to read this week on the Stupak Amendment / health care reform debacle.

The Embiggining by Sweet Machine @ Shapely Prose (the complicated feelings cause by losing weight because of an illness)

TMI by Thomas @ Yes Means Yes ("How many times has someone said something on a thread, followed by a string of 'I thought I was the only one, I’m so glad to know I’m not alone'?")

Rambling Musings on YA Books by Spiffy @ hippyish (newly renamed blog of Spiffy from Out of the Locker)

"Men's Rights" Groups Have Become Frighteningly Effective, by Kathryn Joyce @ double x (via pandagon)

A Pro-Life Vocabulary Lesson from EvilSlutClique @ sexgenderbody ("Well, here's a case of inventing a phrase just to shoot it down, because nobody really says stuff like 'I'm going to health clinic to have an abortion'. But I think I am going to adopt the phrase 'morally legitimate health care facility,' that really rolls off the tongue.")

In Spain's Extremadura region, sexuality education includes encouraging young people to explore their own bodies through masturbation.

The Anatomy of a Catalog Record @ the American Antiquarian Society's Past is Present blog (worth clicking on the image to enlarge; funny and informative!)

Academic freedom update by Michael Berube @ American Airspace (I haven't watched the video yet Michael, but I am distributing the post to my colleagues -- does that count?)

Mormon Make Out
, a giggle-inducing video from The Colbert Report @ Killing the Buddha (and yes, the basic story is true although the mormon missionaries kissing in the last scene are, I think, either extremely obliging or actors).

Wizard of Oz: Apocalypse -- Now Casting @ Geek Girl Diva (wins for best movie poster of the month; and I think Morena Baccarin should play Dorothy)

Crab Bee is Renee's latest design @ Threadless

Hanna had two posts up this week that I think are worth linking to: if mine's mine what's yours and this is how you remind me . . .

And also via Hanna, Bestill by Jocelyn @ O Mighty Crisis (the most beautiful musings on family and courtship, love and stillness I have read in many a month)

*image north end rain by temporarySPASTIC @ flickr


  1. Just a note. The Shapely Prose post you cited was written by Sweet Machine.

  2. Thanks for the note. I corrected the link.