Quick Hit(s): More on book-burning story

Some further web commentary on the Wisconsin book-burning kerfluffle:

Burning Issue @ shakesville.

These folks have a lot to learn about civil liberties, not to mention a lot about Christianity, too.

Stamps, Bookburning, and Depth of Field @ Neil Gaiman's Journal.

The sad thing is that these twerps are wasting the time and money of a town and its librarians with a nuisance suit. Well, that and giving sane Christians a bad name while doing their best to widdle all over the first amendment. You don't burn books. And, well, you don't sue for your right to burn a library book you don't like. (And that's not just because if you win, that means that people you don't like now have the right to burn your books.)

. . . As I said on twitter, whatever side the "Christian Civil Liberties Union" is on, I'm now on the other one.

I'll add more links to commentary here as I run across it and time and inclination allow, so check back if you're interested.

UPDATE: More from Neil Gaiman @ More on Stamps and Bookburning:

And these two [emails] follow up from the Wisconsin would-be librarybookburners who feel that the existence of Francesa Lia Block books threatens their health and safety...

UPDATE: YALSA (young adult library services association) offers suggestions for Unburning Baby Be-Bop.

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