links: queue clean-up edition

I'm headed up to Maine tomorrow to pick Hanna up at her parents' house (they provide lunch, I'm bringing dessert!) so I'm trying to cross things off the "to do" list while I'm at work this afternoon. This includes finally publishing a couple of posts I have had hanging in the blogger queue this week.

First up: here's a hodge-podge of links I've collected over the past few weeks with an eye toward sharing them with the wider world.

I haven't read the short story it illustrates, but I was paging through a recent issue of the New Yorker when I came across the full-page reproduction of Ryan McGinley's photograph "Fireworks Hysteric", which I'm adding to my mental catalog of Awesome Visual Depictions of Women.

Karen Rayne offers some advice about talking with teens about sex, which I actually think is awesome advice for anyone who finds themselves in the position of communicating and educating about human sexuality.

Hanna sent this story about the Riot Grrrls music scene to me with the note "more your thing than mine." I actually know next to nothing about alternative rock, feminism in the early 1990s, and how the two fit together -- so thanks, H, for the link!

This post on anti-gay-marriage bullshit cracked me up; what I loved even more was that in comments people started discussing the ethics of human-cyborg relationships. Seriously. Geeks rock!

A recent personal favorite in the category of "what crazy stuff we humans do": Christian salt.

As oral arguments were heard by the California Supreme Court on Proposition 8, Slate's Kenji Yoshino published a piece on a Boston-based lawsuit challenging the lack of recognition of same-sex marriage under federal law.

Via Querki M. Singer in a comment on this thread: How kids in England are smeared in the press, and what to do about it.

And archivists everywhere felt their hearts breaking when this story came out.

I just read Kathryn Joyce's new book Quiverfull: Inside the Christian Patriarchy Movement (booknote coming soon!); Mother Jones has an excerpt up at their website.

Diana sent me this link to women's history resources on the web. Hooray for women's history month!

Hanna and I have fallen woefully behind on Joss Whedon's new show, Dollhouse, but I've enjoyed Maia's commentary on the series over at Alas, a Blog (warning: spoilers!): see here and here.

Earlier this week, I blogged about a column on breastfeeding and feminism. DaddyTypes has another smackdown of the same article from the perspective of fathers.

Newsflash from the British Library: "The library believes almost all have not been stolen but rather mislaid among its 650km of shelves and 150m items – although some have not been seen in well over half a century." This struck me as a very phlegmatic, British description of the problem somehow.

Finally, Jesse over at Pandagon offers this analysis of the conservative worldview and comes to the conclusion that: "I tend to prefer a world which, at some point, can have some form of gender equality that’s not based on the presumption that the other gender is genetically inclined to fuck me in the ear with a rusty spoon."

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  1. Great stuff. (I owe you an email; mea culpa!)

    I really liked the article about discussing human sexuality with your teenager, but I thought that it missed the biggest to-do of all: talking with your child throughout their lives about health (both physical and mental), sexuality, morality, and spirituality. That way, discussions as a teenager are more natural, and teenagers have a better framework (or even any framework!) for making decisions.