Friday Video: I <3 Catherine Tate

At my apartment, we talk a lot about how much we love the British comedienne Catherine Tate, who -- among other performances -- can be seen as the brilliant Donna Noble, most recent companion of Dr. Who, the titular character of the long-running BBC series that Hanna has lovingly introduced me to this past year. Donna rocks.

Which, by extension, means Catharine Tate rocks.


Which means that we were particularly offended when Germaine Greer took it upon herself last week to suggest that Tate is not funny.

Excuse me??

Obviously, the entire premise of said column is flawed, as Kate Smurthwaite of Cruella-Blog has so thoroughly and amusingly pointed out.

Luckily, as if to underline the point, this video surfaced, showing just how unfunny Catharine Tate really is. Particularly when playing the completely not-funny character of schoolgirl Lauren Cooper and paired with Dr. Who co-star David Tennant in a very serious (cough) and high-minded (coughcough) sketch about Shakespeare.

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