They said there would be snow . . .

. . . and they did not tell a lie.

The snow is lovely this morning, and we managed to get Hanna off for her Christmas vacation with relatively little trouble. (I even got a ride to work out of the deal -- which felt like a true luxury!) This morning, while Hanna trekked up to the rental car lot, I was sent out to procure hot beverages from the local Starbucks. I snapped a few pictures of the early morning snow on my walk.

Head over to Picasa for a larger slideshow.


  1. I think Portlander's heads might explode if they saw all that snow. School was canceled everyday this week and it basically didn't snow after Tuesday.

  2. kids and your whining. i can't wait til you guys show up and remember michigan

  3. Safe travels back to Michigan (if you're headed that way for winter break).