"Everybody to Get from Street!"

Unlike in Portland, Oregon, here in Boston we don't even need snow to have a snow day -- just the anticipation of snow is enough to declare a "snow emergency" here in the city. They are apparently trying to forestall the great snow debacle of 2007 in which the entire city shut down at once and traffic came to a stand-still. Coming from an area where this kind of snow fails to shut down the schools I have to admit I find the situation a little humorous. Still -- it'll give me some free time to help Hanna get packed for her vacation, and pick up those last few Christmas gifts.

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  1. Brrrrr!

    I'm freezing, but I don't understand all this fuss about the snow. Back in the day, six to eight inches of snow would barely warrant a delay in school. Somehow, though, everyone's in a panic now. In fact, the panic over this tops that of the blizzard of 2003, which dumped 27 inches on Logan.

    Driving wasn't bad. My car doesn't handle well in the snow (sort of like steering a snow tube, actually), but I managed fine.