Introducing Minerva

Straight from the awesomely talented hands of my brother Brian comes the Future Feminist Librarian-Activist patron goddess, Minerva (or, as I affectionately call her, "Minnie").

Minerva was, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica, the Roman goddess of "handicrafts, the professions, the arts, and . . . war." I thought this was a good combination for those of us seeking to put scholarly interests to work in a real-world, politically aware, context.

Sartorially, she owes her style to the American suffragists, with a nod to the European bluestockings of a slightly earlier area. I like to imagine she will be watching me sharply from behind those spectacles, making sure I remember what I came here to school to learn, and briskly challenging me to do something meaningful with my education on the other end.

Please join me in giving her a warm and respectful welcome.

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