multimedia monday: the pre-roe politics of abortion

Terry Gross and Linda Greenhouse @ Fresh Air | The Rhetoric That Shaped The Abortion Debate

To give you a taste, here's Linda Greenhouse on the development of the rhetoric "the right to choose" and "pro-choice" for the advocates of abortion access:

Jimmye Kimmey was a young woman who was executive director of an organization called the Association for the Study of Abortion (ASA), which was one of the early reform groups and was migrating in the early 1970s from a position of reforming the existing abortion laws to the outright repeal of existing abortion laws, and she wrote a memorandum framing the issue of how the pro-repeal position should be described: 'Right to life is short, catchy, composed of monosyllabic words — an important consideration in English. We need something comparable. Right to choose would seem to do the job. And ... choice has to do with action, and it's action that we're concerned with.'

Introduction to book and full transcript of the show are available at the Fresh Air on website.

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