WAM! 2008 @ MIT

I just got in from my volunteer orientation for WAM!2008--the Center for New Words' Women, Action & the Media conference, which is held annually here in the Boston area. I'm volunteering at the registration table Friday night, and plan to spend all day Saturday with the over 500 feminist activists who are converging on the Strata Center to talk about political activism and the media. It was great just to meet the handful of local volunteers who showed up at the orientation session tonight, and remember what a wide range of women are interested and involved in feminist activity.

The conference plans to record and post all the sessions on YouTube and various web-based media outlets, so I'll be back later in the weekend to share some highlights with y'all. For now, let me say that I'm particularly looking forward to meeting many of the wonderful ladies over at feministing who will be on hand to participate in various breakout sessions, as well as getting to see Silent Choices, a documentary film about African-American women and abortion politics.

Check back for more after the weekend . . .

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