MIA: Weekend before Spring Break

As predicted, the "weekly" updates from grad school aren't quite so weekly as I had hoped. I've been busy and--I hope!--productive the past couple of weeks. This past Thursday I turned in my project proposals for both oral history (interviewing Boston area doulas about their work) and history of imperialism (a term paper on feminists, history-writing, and the idealization of "primitive" cultures). I finished up reading report on feminist methodology in oral history and learned about coding MARC records in cataloging.

And of course, since I'm not an advocate of being studious 24/7, I have also made time for the first five episodes of Torchwood with Hanna, who is happy she finally has someone with whom to discuss the intricacies of combating alien invasions through the great Rift of Cardiff :).

The second week of March is Spring Break here at Simmons, and we are all looking forward to the time to catch up a little on our research and reading (we're grad students, we don't ever quit entirely), as well as make the time for a little leisure. Hanna and I have plans to take the commuter rail up to Salem to visit the Peabody-Essex Museum, and if I remember to take my camera with me, there should be some pictures coming soon.

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