Home Education in CA

In the midst of the midterm crunch, I don't have a chance to reflect on this at great length, but I saw via the NPR website this week that a California appellate court recently ruled that home education in the state may be vulnerable to legal challenges:
The court ruling that declared some home schooling unconstitutional, Huerta says, seemed to indicate that California regulators' occasional monitoring of the family's home efforts was deemed insufficient to qualify children as being enrolled in a school.

Huerta says the ruling is an unprecedented decision, and one that has prompted an uprising not just among home schoolers but also among privacy advocates. "This is an issue that's going to be taken all the way to the Supreme Court," he says. "It's going to open a Pandora's box of issues the court may not want to address."

Diane Rehm also did an hour on the subject this week, a show that I plan to listen to and report back on when I have a chance.

I'll be interested to see both how this actual legal case develops and how the media covers it.

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