from the neighborhood: autumn sights

A few photos I took last weekend.

Afternoon sunlight on the fresh flowers we bought to put in the flower vase / tea pot brought home from the Thormoto wedding.

Shortly after I took these photos, of course, Teazle discovered the flowers and the vase had to be removed to higher ground.

Geraldine, on the other hand, couldn't have cared less. Why should she, where there are laps/pillows available to sleep upon?

The house with the abundant garden on our walk to Coolidge Corner is settling in for the winter season.

The Hubway bikes will soon be put into storage to make way for snowplows and snowbanks, but for now they're still available to take out for a spin!

A couple of months ago, Hanna and I realized that the central marquee on the Coolidge Corner movie theater often makes amusing found poetry. This is the latest iteration.

Enough said.
All is lost,
Don Jon:
12 years a slave.

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