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Our 4th of July began with an inexplicably cuddly Geraldine. Going on three years with us this October, she seems to have finally sorted out that we're companionable creatures.

Our weekend thing this summer has been to enjoy our coffee and brunch in the park two blocks up from our apartment, so we decided to do the same today, even though it's a Thursday.

Since last summer, a new coffee shop has opened up along our walk to work, in what used to be a travel agency. We've discovered they make delicious iced lattes, as well as stocking gluten-free baked goods made by a local teen entrepreneur.

Today, we watched all the neighborhood dogs cavorting and our local rising soccer champ practice his moves while we enjoyed our breakfast in the shade of the mature chestnut trees.

(Bonus sneak-peak at Hanna's new tattoo!)

I re-dyed my hair earlier this week, and am much pleased with the darker color this time around.

This afternoon, as the temperature climbs into the 90s, we'll be chilling as much as possible in front of the fans, possibly even with an ice pack or two. Teazle seems to enjoy them too.

I could also do an entire independent post on the theme of Teazle Up On Things, including:

Teazle Up On the Roku

Teazle Up On the Fridge
Both of the cats visited the vet last Sunday and have been given a clean bill of health, though we're currently medicating Geraldine's right ear for a persistent infection -- she doesn't approve, obviously, but enjoys the cookies that come after.

Now I think it's time to turn the computer off again and maybe watch some Fringe.

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