the dog days of summer [august-september siesta]

It's August 1st (can you believe it?)

And I've decided it's time to give myself a quasi-vacation from the 'net.

Teazle napping with Hanna
Given that I'm online for eight hours daily at work, total blackout isn't really a possibility -- or something I feel is necessary. But I've been feeling pulled in a lot of different directions blogging lately, and I'd like to take some time to reflect on where I want to put my writing energy.

(Rest assured the feminist librarian is my home on the interwebs, and will not be going anywhere anytime soon!)

So this is all to say that -- while I'm not going to quit blogging entirely -- from now until after our honeymoon in mid-September I'll be giving myself permission to post more sporadically than usual (when and how, exactly, did I get to the point of generating 5-10 posts per week, across half a dozen blogs?!).

I'm planning to use the offline time to read, write, nap, and enjoy non-work downtime with the future wife and kitten-kids.

Hope y'all are staying cool(ish) and we'll see ya 'round these parts when time and inclination indicate this is where I'd like to be.

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