new fic: between the elements of air and earth

So a few months ago, Hanna and I were discussing this vision we had of Lord Crawley in Downton Abbey becoming all exasperated by the number of people in his family and on his staff who apparently swing both ways (Thomas is canon, and sleeping with the family doctor, and then I've put Sybil and Gwen together and Branson with his original-character boyfriend from Manchester ...). We thought how funny it would be if he blew a gasket at some point and was like, "My valet and the doctor, my daughter and the housemaid, my driver and his boyfriend from Manchester ... anyone else? Anyone?"

At which point his mother, Violet, could "ahem" from the corner.

Violet Crawley (Maggie Smith) and Isobel Crawley (Penelope Wilton).
Because obviously.
Once imagined, of course, it had to be written. So I did.
Title: Between the Elements of Air and Earth
Author: ElizaJane
Fandom: Downton Abbey
Pairing: Violet Crawley/Isobel Crawley
Rating: Explicit (AO3)
Length: 3,486 words
Tags: Heat Wave, Established Relationship, Massage, Anal Play, Pillow Talk, Shakespeare
Summary: She hasn’t found a way, yet, to tell Isobel this is why she sometimes licks the name Olivia behind her ear, talks of being brought here by the ocean, tempest-tossed and forever not-quite-home.
The title comes from a speech by Viola, in Twelfth Night, wherein she describes to Olivia how she would woo her if she, Viola (then dressed as the page Cesario) were Olivia's suitor. When I started this fic, I'd just read a lovely treatment of that relationship in Emma Donoghue's Inseparable so it was near the surface of my mind. And the character of Viola worked well as a touch-point for Violet's character with the back story I have in mind for her.

Do hope you enjoy!

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