signal boost: feminism & library science "unconference"

This came through my work inbox yesterday and I thought there might be interest among readers of this blog:
"Out of the Attic and Into the Stacks" : Feminism and LIS : the Unconference : March 9-11, 2012 in Milwaukee 

A meeting of practitioners, scholars and aspirants in the field of library and information studies to explore feminism as theory, boundary, ecology, method,flavor, relationship, and epistemology -- among others.

Unconference will include an unposter session.  Cost is $25.

Support provided by the Center for Information Policy Research at the School of Information Studies, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and the School of Information Studies. Co-sponsors include the Graduate School of Library and Information Science at UIUC University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, and the School of Library and Information Science at University of Wisconsin - Madison.

Unconference begins with a reception on Friday evening and concludes Sunday at noon.

Room reservations available at the Hilton Milwaukee, which provides a shuttle service to the UWM campus.  Light breakfast on Saturday and Sunday, lunch on Saturday provided.

Contact Joyce M. Latham (latham@uwm.edu) or Adriana McCleer (adriana.mccleer@gmail.com).
Sadly, I've got a previous commitment that week -- even if travel money was in the offing. So if anyone ends up going, I'd love a report! Shoot me an email and we could talk guest post(s) and/or link love.

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