new blog launched: the corner of your eye

I warned you it was coming, and now it's here! Hanna and I have started a new joint review blog, the corner of your eye* , which can be found at corner-of-your-eye.blogspot.com. or via the link on the left-hand sidebar under "find me elsewhere online."

the corner of your eye
I know, I know ... like either of us have scads of free time going to waste. But none of our existing online spaces are really dedicated to arts and culture reviews per se, and we thought it might be fun to experiment with joint blogging. Really, it's pure indulgence for us both in terms of letting us opinionate about the books, movies, and television shows that occupy so much of our discretionary time (when we're not writing fan fiction or trawling the interwebs).

Our goal is to put up two posts a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I'll likely be cross-posting some content here, particularly when the creative juices are running low.

We're still tweaking the visual look of the blog, so please feel free to comment re: accessibility and all the rest.

*bonus points for anyone who can identify the allusion

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