harpy fortnight: officially summer edition

Titania With Her Fairies
Arthur Rackham
Over at The Pursuit of Harpyness we've been winding up for the summer months (can you believe summer doesn't officially start until Tuesday?). During the passed two weeks, I've posted the following:
  • The first two installments of my series live-blogging Jessica Yee's anthology Feminism For Real (2011). I'm blogging a chapter per week for the next 22 weeks -- or nearly six months! I'm hoping I don't run out of things to say ... but so far the variety of the contributions is keeping me going. You can read Part One: Invite & Introduction and Part Two: Resistance to Indigenous Feminism thus far.
  • There was a Friday Fun Thread asking folks to name their favorite summer movies. The comment thread's still open if you care to leave suggestions!
  • A book review of the anthology Best Sex Writing 2010 appeared last week (I swear I'm not turning into an all-books-all-the-time blogger, but recently I've been doing lots of off-line reading!)
  • My first contribution to our Poetry Saturdays series, with a Billy Collins poem brought to my attention by my friend Lola @  Oh no, my sainted aunt!
As a bonus, let me direct you also to a recipe for vegan Chocolate-Almond-Hazlenut Thumbprint Cookies Hanna and I posted over at our friend Lyn's recipe-and-food blog. Trust me. For. The. Win.

As always, check out what the rest of the Harpies have to say by browsing through the archive of The Pursuit of Harpyness.

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