call to participate: preliminary survey on women & erotica use

via Charlie Glickman

Are You a Woman Who Views, Reads, or Listens to Pornography, Erotica, Romance Novels, and/or any other Sexually Explicit Materials?

If so, please share your experiences!

Complete a Short Survey (30 min or less) and Contribute to a Scholarly Understanding of Women’s Experiences with Sexually Explicit Materials

My name is Kari Hempel and I am a female psychology graduate student who is doing my dissertation research on women’s experiences with sexually explicit materials. For too long women’s real experiences with these materials have been ignored. My goal is not to judge anyone’s experiences, but to accumulate surveys from as many women as possible around the country about their positive, negative, and/or mixed experiences with sexually explicit materials, and to present the differences and commonalities in a scholarly, respectful fashion.

Your Participation is Completely Confidential

Any identifying information that is asked for in the completion of this study will be kept completely confidential and will be destroyed once the study is complete.

You Qualify for Participation If:

  • You are a woman (at least 18 years old)
  • You currently view, read, or listen to any written, audio, visual, or audio-visual material that is sexually explicit (including but not limited to films, magazines, novels, and audio-recordings)
  • You currently live in the United States

To Participate Go To:


If you have any questions or concerns, please call or email me. I am happy to address them!
Kari Hempel, MA
I just completed the survey myself this morning. Some of the questions are worded oddly ... but I always think that with multple-choice questions! And there's the opportunity at the end to sign up if you're interested in being interviewed by Ms. Hempel more extensively as part of her research project.

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