harpy week: of labor, tears, and joy

This week saw three new posts up at The Pursuit of Harpyness, all of which in some way connected to others whom I blog with and know on a personal level.
  • On Monday, I put up a post about work and identity that drew heavily on the reflections of my friend The Archivist who blogs over at Oh My Sainted Aunt. I asked folks to discuss in comments how their work fits into their identity, and how they feel about that relationship between who they are and what they do. Some really interesting themes emerged related to professionalization, career changes, and unemployment.
  • On Wednesday, thanks to a YouTube video Hanna found on Tumblr, I put up a post about movies and television shows that make us weep. My picks? "The West Wing," Iron Jawed Angels, and A Single Man (even though I haven't actually worked up the courage to see it). There was an overwhelming response in comments from people who shared their own top tear-jerkers, for reasons both happy and sad.
  • And on Friday, I contributed my first "Friday Fun Thread" to the blog with a post about the joys of fan-authored fiction (or "fanfic"), which friend Minerva has hooked Hanna and I back into after a bit of an hiatus by sifting through the burgeoning Sherlock fic out there on the internets and sending us the cream of the crop. Go forth and read the post for lots of linky goodness.
There were some fantastic offerings this week from other bloggers at Harpyness, including a guest post by regular reader Endora about the problem of gender essentialist thinking, a post by Marie Anelle on "martyr mom syndrome," instructions for how to be a bitch on JDate by BeckySharper, and thoughts from foureleven about the questions she most often gets (and has come to dread) as a newlywed. Click on through to enjoy them all!

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