call to participate: a year of feminist classics

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As I posted earlier in December on tumblr, a group of women have established a blog / reading group called A Year of Feminist Classics, where they plan to read and blog for twelve months (beginning January 2011) about a series of feminist texts.

You can sign up as part of the reading group here, but drop-ins are welcome. Check out their final reading list here if you think you might be interested in dropping by for one or two specific months out of the twelve.

They'll be kicking things off in January with Mary Wollstonecraft's Vindication of the Rights of Woman (1792).  If you're like me, you may well want an actual physical copy of the text in which to take notes in the margins and dog-ear (much to my girlfriend's horror).  But for any of you who don't have the money to purchase a copy, who can't locate one through your local library, etc., here are a few places you can access the full text online:

Internet Archive (various formats to read online and download)

LibraVox (MP3 audio download)

Project Gutenberg (various formats to read online and download)

I've signed up and plan to participate in at least a handful of months -- depending on my other obligations and the book scheduled. I look forward to chatting with at least some of you there!

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  1. What a cool idea, thanks for sharing (and for the links)!