Quick Hit: Transgender Basics (Video)

This video from the Gender Identity Project has been making the rounds on the blogs I read regularly; I finally had twenty minutes last night (and a computer with sound!) to sit down and watch it.

I'm fairly new to the subtleties of transgender identity, and while I enjoy reading feminist theory (can't say often enough how much Julia Serano's Whipping Girl helped me wrap my brain around trans issues) a lot of people I know just aren't that into it, and trying to explain the current connotations of sex vs. gender -- not to mention what people mean when they start talking "trans" -- can leave me feeling inept. I really like how this video breaks it down without using too much insider language while at the same time not talking down to their audience. Definitely something to keep in the "resources" file.

Jos at Feministing reports that, as of yet, there is no transcript available, but tnat a volunteer is working on one. Hope it will soon be available through the GIP website, if you are interested in and/or need one.

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