Now I feel like a Bostonian

As most of you know, I've been in the midst of moving out of my Simmons dorm this week, and into an apartment in Allston.* I'm very happy to be done with dorm life, and am already planning meals to cook this weekend!

This morning, I commuted in to work on my new route along with my newest accessory--a hand-me-down mp3 player (not the iPod brand) given to me by Hanna (thanks Hanna!) It even plays NPR! I was very excited. Now I look like all the other Bostonian commuters with their little ear buds in their ears. I guess we'll all be ready when the aliens come to colonize our brains.

Since my camera and USB cord are lost somewhere in the shuffle of packing, I don't have any pictures yet of my new digs (it's all boxes at the point anyway!), so I thought I'd post this MadTV clip instead in honor of my not-iPod mp3 player. Many of you have already seen it (and thanks to Brian and Maggie, of course, who introduced me to it last year), but I showed it to Hanna last night and think it's still worth a giggle.

More soon . . .

*If anyone who wants/needs my new address hasn't gotten it, shoot me an email and I'll gladly provide it. For obvious reasons, I'm not posting it here!

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