placeholder post: hugh masekela's "ooo, baby baby"

This summer has brought back a lot of memories from the summer before my little sister was born (1987). The summer I learned to swim because we spent -- at least in my child's memory -- virtually every day at the "big lake" (Lake Michigan) trying to stay cool by staying wet. The summer we had bonfires and roasted hot dogs and marshmallows on what seemed like a weekly basis, carrying coolers and beach towels up over the dunes in tatty tennis shoes to avoid burning the soles of our feet in the scorching hot sand.

My dad -- who in another life must have been a DJ -- was the one who provided the boom box and mix tapes (yes: tapes) for these long afternoons at the water's edge, and this album is one that I will always associate with summertime, heat, sand, and the smell of food cooking on the grill.

Here's one of my favorite songs from said album.

The latest heat wave broke last night and we're supposed to have a more manageable weekend ahead of us -- hopefully I'll have enough brain cells left to complete all the half-finished book reviews I've got in my queue. Stay tuned!

What are your favorite songs of summer?

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