from the neighborhood: MOAR kitten pics!

You know you want them.

(photo by Hanna)
In the past week we've moved from grudging toleration to a bit more companionable co-existence, at least when Geraldine is conked out and Teazle decides to use her as a pillow!

They've even been caught engaging in mutual grooming (although in this instance it's Teazle-on-Gerry action only; we promise Geraldine isn't dead, just very asleep!):

Teazle continues to fall asleep contorted in the most bendy and improbable of positions:

And when we brought home our wedding dresses from Mexicali Blues on Sunday, she investigated immediately and approved of them as suitable napping material.

For those interested, the dresses are the Batik Ashley Dress in "plum vine" and "red and green garden." Hanna will be wearing red and I'll be wearing the blue-purple.

Happy 4th of July everyone -- hope you're taking the day off and staying cool!

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