quick hit: celebrating 100 issues of "feminist review"!

Yesterday, co-worker Liz brought me an announcement from the College & Research Library News advertising the fact that the feminist review has just published its 100th issue! In celebration, the fr has made a selection of twenty articles representing a wide range of topics and eras available for free on their home page. You can also access the current (March 2012) issue for free through the journal's main page by clicking on the "Current Issue" tab on the left-hand side bar.

For the month of March, Palgrave (the publisher) is also running an "Access All Areas 2012" campaign for librarians to gain access to their full online database on a trial basis -- but you have to go through a registration process to take advantage of the offer, and it seems set up for librarians with institutional affiliations. Bah.

Still, I think the articles they do have available without registration shenanigans look promising! Here's the list of the twenty selected pieces:

  1. rethinking the interplay of feminism and secularism in a neo-secular age FREE

    Niamh Reilly
  2. The Scent of Memory: Strangers, Our Own, and Others FREE

    Avtar Brah
  3. beautiful dead bodies: gender, migration and representation in anti-trafficking campaigns FREE

    Rutvica Andrijasevic
  4. birth, belonging and migrant mothers: narratives of reproduction in feminist migration studies FREE

    Irene Gedalof
  5. not-/unveiling as an ethical practice FREE

    Nadia Fadil
  6. maids, machines and morality in Brazilian homes FREE

    Elizabeth Silva
  7. mothers who make things public FREE

    Lisa Baraitser
  8. the new woman and ‘the dusky strand’: the place of feminism and women’s literature in early Jamaican nationalism FREE

    Leah Rosenberg
  9. ‘door bitches of club feminism’?: academia and feminist competency FREE

    Zora Simic
  10. why queer diaspora? FREE

    Meg Wesling
  11. Celling black bodies: black women in the global prison industrial complex FREE

    Julia Sudbury, FR 70
  12. Will the real sex slave please stand up? FREE

    Julia O’Connell Davidson, FR 83
  13. Discursive and political deployments by/of the 2002 Palestinian women suicide bombers/martyrs FREE

    Frances S Hasso, FR 81
  14. Challenging Imperial Feminism FREE

    Valerie Amos and Pratibha Parmar, FR 17
  15. Under Western Eyes: Feminist Scholarship and Colonial Discourses FREE

    Chandra Talpade Mohanty, FR 30
  16. The Virtual Speculum in the New World Order FREE

    Donna Haraway, FR 55
  17. Sex and Race in the Labour Market FREE

    Irene Breugel, FR 32
  18. Feminism and class politics: a round-table discussion FREE

    Feminist review talks with Michèle Barrett, Beatrix Campbell, Anne Phillips, Angela Weir, and Elizabeth Wilson, FR 23
  19. The Material of Male Power FREE

    Cynthia Cockburn, FR 9
  20. Multiple Mediations: Feminist Scholarship in the Age of Muli-National Reception FREE

    Lata Mani, FR 35
Head on over to feminist review and read away!

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