the feminist librarian is off to michigan!

So it's that time of year again, and Hanna and I are off to Michigan for a week of vacation (for her) and vacation/work (for me). I've been invited to give a couple of presentations at my alma mater, Hope College, one on my life as a feminist and one about my life as a librarian. As my friend Molly pointed out on Twitter recently, I have a whole blog to pillage for subject matter!

lemonjellos (holland, mich.), May 2011
Seriously, though. If you're a Hope College community member, I'll be on campus Monday, 5 March, 4:00pm, in the Granberg Room, Van Wylen Library, to give a talk on my emerging career as a professional librarian. Then on Tuesday, 6 March, 7:00pm, I'll be part of a panel of Women's Studies Program graduates discussing how the program affected our lives and our work. The Tuesday event is part of a longer program celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Women's Studies program at Hope.

that would be me on the left, circa 2005
This is my first real visit back on campus since graduating, and while I have a contentious relationship with the college as in institution, I'm looking forward to getting a sense of how current students and faculty are feeling about the direction of the college and the role of feminist thought and practice in that space.

I'll be taking lots of notes and look forward to sharing my reflections and experiences with y'all upon my return. In the meantime, I anticipate posting will be light-ish while we're on the road.

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