I thought I was going to have a post for you today ...

... but I can see that isn't going to happen. I successfully executed my thesis presentation at yesterday's graduate student colloquium and as of today am a free woman (though still most certainly taken). And my brain is suffering from non-permanent brain death. So I'm taking Hanna up on her kind offer to let me plunder her Friday video posts for some stuff. Oh, and while I'm at it I'll plug a few of her own recent posts:

1. Happy Arbogast Day! | 2011-05-09 (on the character she would have saved from "Them!")
2. Rage Dump | 2011-05-07 (on reactions to Bin Laden's death)
3. Short Thought: Reason to Put a Book Down | 2011-04-11 (on sloppy thinking and factual errors)
4. Sitting Still | 2011-03-25 (on meditation practice)

And now for the fan vid. Enjoy!

Check back here Thursday for a new ficnote (I had one picked out and everything!)

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