In which I have fun, not all political

Contrary to popular belief expressed in some circles, I do actually know how to enjoy myself outside of feminist politics. This weekend visiting friends in New York City, in addition to making a pilgrimage to Judy Chicago's The Dinner Party, dropping in at bluestockings radical bookstore, attending a lecture on women's literary societies in the early republic, and seeing The Business of Being Born on the big screen, I took part in the following non-political activities:
  • I visited the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens.
  • I visited St. Patrick's Cathedral.
  • I visited the New York Public Library, where I got to see the original scroll of "On the Road" and other papers from Jack Kerouac's personal papers, newly open to the public.
  • I learned how to drink scotch.
  • I played (and lost) a game of Super Scrabble.
  • I watched a documentary, a Parker Posey film, and an episode of Big Love.
  • I helped prepare a gourmet meal, including chocolate bread pudding with "naughty whisky sauce" . . . yum yum!

You can check out the photos at picasa or watch a small version of the slide show below:

Now it's back to the academic realm . . . my first history class convenes in 3 1/2 hours.

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