columbia point / jfk library [photo post]

As the early posts on this blog attest, I used to try and visit new corners of Boston on a weekly basis when I first started graduate school back in the distant period known as "2007." This ambitious project foundered on research paper deadlines, work, grocery shopping, and relationship building. These days, I don't get to new (for me) corners of the metropolis unless it comes by way of another life activity -- a recent meet up with friends took me to Porter Square Books, for example.

Back in June, Hanna had a meeting at the JFK Presidential Library on Columbia Point, so I trailed along and did my research and writing work there instead of at the local public library.

It was clear and breezy, a perfect morning for sitting out in the picnic area and drink our coffee before the meeting began.

While airplanes flew low overhead on their way to Logan, I captured a few photographs of the ocean meeting the land.

Once inside, I set myself up at a table in the atrium to work on some page proofs and listen to tourists gossip. The light and design were pretty spectacular.

Hope y'all had a restful, restorative 4th of July weekend!

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