mid-week cat blogging [photo post]

A couple of weekends ago, Hanna and I got out the map of Boston so we could draw a three-mile radius from Hanna's workplace in Longwood so that we could get a sense of what neighborhoods our likely-next-year new apartment search might encompass.

Geraldine had a few ideas.

Most of them involved scratching her between the ears.

Teazle had other plans, as she so often does.

When I was finally able to achieve access to the map without feline assistance, we determined that our "within walking distance of work" primary criterion gives us Allston-Brighton, Brookline, Jamaica Plain, Dorchester, the North End, Somerville, Cambridge, and all of central Boston (though most of that is not affordable/unattractive to us for a variety of reasons.

Gerry seems to be voting for Chestnut Hill/Newton -- too far, little kitten! Your mommies would not appreciate the commute (and you would have to wait even longer for evening tuna).

Stay tuned in 2014 as the Clutterbuck-Cook family starts looking for new digs!

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