from the neighborhood: plants, handwork, kittens

A couple of weeks ago, we finally decided the only way to get the (apparently tasty!) plants out of Teazle's acrobatic reach was to buy a basket for them. So now the three most vulnerable plants are hanging from the ceiling. We fully expect to come home from work one day to find Teazle swinging from the wire mesh by her claws!

She's similarly fascinated by the daffodils we picked up from Trader Joe's (note the paw stage left), so we've had to drop them in the tall glass vase that at Christmas we used for candles.

Necessity led to quite a lovely display, I think.

For some reason, the ivy loves the winter and often sports more new leaves this time of year than in the summer!

I actually had the camera out to take photographs of the afghan Hanna just finished, so she could post them to her blog as part of a giveaway. Teazle wanted to help!

While I was taking pictures of Hanna's project, I decided to capture a few of the (nearly-finished) afghan I made for my friend Anne and her daughter Lilly. Both Teazle and Geraldine wanted in on the action for this one!

Thanks to Mama Linda for the hand-dyed yarn that makes up the majority of this rainbow!

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