provincetown [honeymoon, installment five]

On our one-week anniversary -- and our last full day on Cape Cod -- we decided to drive out to the very tip of the Cape and pay a visit to Provincetown.

One of our first stops, naturally, was the Provincetown Public Library. It was too early in the morning to go inside, but we ran into one of their regular volunteers in a boutique across the way with whom we talked Boston library gossip and heard mouth-watering tales of the Provincetown library's special collections room.

Outside the library was this abandoned still-life project; the artist was nowhere to be found - but the sketch certainly hold promise!

There was so much cottage lust in Provincetown. EPIC amounts. I wanted to live in just about every cottage we passed by. So overcome by cottage lust was I , in fact, that I failed to take any close-up photographs of said cottages. But here are a couple of views of the waterfront.

I enjoyed the fact that one of these two kayakers has a pirate flag affixed to the front of their craft!

It goes without saying that we couldn't walk by this bookshop without going in. Tim's Used Books was a rickety old house in the best used book store fashion, and we were allowed to browse without interruption through the musty stacks. My conversation with the store clerk as I paid for our selections was one of the first in which I was able to employ the phrase "my wife," as in "my wife works at a medical history library ..." and I've discovered since then the language really never gets old.

We had our one-week anniversary lunch at Karoo Cafe, a South African restaurant with the most delicious appetizer plate and peanut-curry stew. We bought supplies to go, and mourned this passed weekend when we ate up the last of the apricot chutney. Time to plan a day-trip out to P-town on the ferry!

All in all, it was a good first week of married life. Although we'll be spending our one-year anniversary on the West Coast in 2013 (helping our friends Diana and Collin celebrate their own nuptials!) we definitely plan to make a return visit to Cranberry Cottages, and perhaps eventually have enough resources to more permanently satisfy that cottage lust of mine ... after all, that daily ferry service from Boston to Provincetown can't be too onerous of a commute, can it?

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